Sangeetha Sthalams : Kovur

  • Published By: The Sruti Foundation
  • Issue: 252

A Series For The Youngers
Stamp On Tukaram

The Department of Posts issued a stamp on Tukaram on 10 August 2002. It is in the denomination of Rs. 4, colour orange, with perf. of 13.5 and printed on Matt Chromo paper by photo offset process by Calcutta Security Printers Ltd. A First Day cover was also released.

Life of Tukaram

Tukaram is considered the saint-poet of the masses of Maharashtra.

The year of his birth remains a matter of dispute among scholars: it could be 1598 or 1608. He was born in Dehu, near Pune, in a poor, low-caste family of petty traders. His parents were Bolhoba and Kanakai.