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Narada Garvabhangam By R. Rajam

  • Issue 131
  • Published By Sruti
  • ₹100.00

Special Feature
Special Feature

Tribute to Madhavan Nair - “Mali” 

Mali has left indelible imprints on music, Kathakali, literature and sports in Kerala. The classical arts were a passion with him. Mali had a keen ear for music honed by listening to the great masters right from childhood. He had an astonishing grip over raga-s and kriti-s for one who had no formal training. His research work called Kerala Sangeetam is perhaps the only book of its kind in Malayalam. Tracing the history and development of music in Kerala, evaluating its present status and outlining future possibilities, Kerala Sangeetam was first published in 1959, and is still acclaimed as a basic document for study in the subject. He also did a signal service to music by bringing various Malayalam compositions into the limelight.

Special Feature
Special Feature

Music Appreciation Notes by S. Rajam

Poorvikalyani is a janya of Camanasrama, the 53rd melakarta raga in the sampooma raga tradition. With six swara-s in the arohana and all the seven in the avarohana, it is a shadava-sampoorna raga. It is a vakra raga as well, with the swara-s in the ascent having an irregular progression. All the swara-s are in the same swarasthana-s as in the mela raga and so Poorvikalyani is an upanga raga. The swara-s of this raga are shadja [sa), suddha rishabha [ra), antara gandhara (gu), prati madhyama (mi), panchama [pa], chatusruti dhaivata (dhi)and kakali nishada [nu). The nishada, however, occurs only in the avarohana.