Season Reviews - Shanthala Subramanyam

Date : 3.1.24

Venue : GCMA , Sastry Hall 3.15 p.m.

Flute : Shanthala Subramanyam,

Violin : M Vijay

Mridangam : N C Bharadwaj

Mohrsing : P Govinda Prasad

By Sivapriya Krishnan

Shanthala Subramanyam is a talented flautist who understands musical nuances well. Adhering to the gayaki style in her flute performances, she exhibits intelligence in her swara kalpana, avoiding unnecessary showmanship with the instrument.

Her concert for GCMA was replete with good music, soothing to the ears and satisfying for a listener. Starting with a brisk Sahana varnam, she went on to raga exposition of Sarasangi and Neekela Dayaradhu. The swaras for this song in khanda chapu were well laid out, keeping the overall tempo and the melody. Shuddha Dhanyasi raga was rendered well to be followed by Subrahmanyena rakshitoham. The main piece Meenakshi memudham dehi in Gamakakriya, was given the requisite importance. However, she had to rush into swara kalpana and with better time management, she could have incorporated more niraval and swaras. She concluded the concert with a Behag javali, Saramaina matalentho.

M. Vijay is a skilled violinist and has a melodic touch. His collaboration with the flute elevated its performance. With a commendable bowing technique, he works quietly but efficiently. N.C. Bharadwaj and P. Govinda Prasad, played without drowning the flute and wrapped the concert with a sparkling short tani.

(The author is a Carnatic vocalist, writer and management professional)