Season Reviews - Ashwin Bogendra

Ashwin Bogendra

By Sivapriya Krishnan

Date : 25. 12.23

Venue : Chennai Fine Arts

Vocal : Ashwin Bogendra

Violin : Bombay R Madhavan

Mridangam : N C Bharadwaj

Ghatam : Sukanya Ramgopal

Ashwin started briskly with a varnam in Begada and moved on to Lavanya Rama in Poorna Shadjam. Marivere in Latangi was an expansive elaboration. He delved into various shades of Latangi and explored the raga well. Marivere was sung with niraval and swaras, and he presented this great aplomb. Hiranmayeem Lakshmim was a soft, poignant rendition. However, he could have refrained from ending the pallavi refrain at madhyama and instead stopped at mandara shadjam, making it sound more aesthetic and correct. Sevikka vendum ayya, gave the speed and right spirit to the concert to be followed by the elaborate Rave Himagiri Kumari, swarajati of Syama Sastry. Poonkuil koovum poon cholaiyil, a fitting penultimate song, a composition of Kalki in raga Kapi stole the show and one’s heart in the way Ashwin sang it. The concert concluded with Namamayiram, verses from the Nachiyar Triumozhi, 143 verses by Andal.

Ashwin handled every song with its requisite characteristics, thus making the whole offering an intelligent and pleasant one. Bombay Madhavan was melody personified in his violin. No stunt, unhurried, he beautifully replicated the main vocalist without letting go of his individuality. Bharadwaj and Sukanya, both senior percussionists, added to the whole concert experience.       

(The author is a Carnatic vocalist, writer and management professional)