Zohra Segal

  • Published By: sruti

Tottenham Court Road, London, June 1969 The legendary dancer Ram Gopal took me one morning to meet Zohra Segal. Having known about her as a member of Uday Shankar’s dance troupe, I was keen to meet her. And who better than Ram Gopal to introduce me to her? I did not know that she had a whacky sense of humour, though Ram Gopal did tell me that she was a marvellous woman and a great dancer. After Ram Gopal introduced me to her as an up-and-coming young dance scholar and critic and someone who knew Mohan Khokar, she smiled and warmly welcomed me. Then looking naughtily at Ram she said: “Arrre, you have brought him now to meet me when I am 57 and ugly. You should have done so when I was young and ugly!” And we all laughed heartily.