Mrinalini Sarabhai

  • Published By: Sruti

Paris, the international metropolis of arts. A cold night in that great city. An Indian couple were waiting in their hotel room for the morning newspapers with great expectation and fear. At 3 am the first newspaper arrived. The husband ran down the stairs, picked up the paper, glanced at it and literally sprinted up to tell his anxious wife that she had hit the headlines. The nervous lady could not believe her eyes. She had become a celebrity overnight. The thought made her shed tears of joy. She was too stunned to speak for a few Mrinalini, mother Amroii & Laksluni moments. The husband was watching her with a sense of satisfaction and pride. The husband and wife were the 'Sarabhais' of Ahmedabad, Vikram the young scientist from a renowned industrial house and Mrinalini the fragile dancer, daughter of an elite couple from far South.