Stamp on Namdeo

The stamp on Namdeo was issued on 9 November 1970, on his 700th birth anniversary. It is in the denomination of 20 P., with a perf. of 13 x 13, and in orange colour. It was printed on 'Asoka Pillar' water-marked adhesive stamp paper at the India Security Press, Nashik by photogravure process. The stamp depicts Namdeo in a devotional mood, holding a tanpura and chipla in his hands. In the background is Lord Vithoba's shrine.

Sant Namdeo

We continue the series on Saints and Poets with Sant Namdeo.

Namdeo, Jnanadev (Dnyaneswar), Eknath and Tukaram formed the famous Quartet of Devotees of Lord Vithoba of Pandharpur. And Namdeo was the earliest and perhaps the best known among them.