Sargam Deciphers The Meaning Of "Carnatic"

Sargam turned to Amma's work-table. She was frantically searching for something. As she made the table increasingly messy, she looked at her dog Thunder, and her face now had an all-knowing look. "I am sure you ate up my perfumed rubber you fourfooted flea factory... it belonged to my friend..." Sargam's voice cracked, both out of sorrow and anger. She was just about to pry open Thunder's jaw, when a paper which she had accidentally pushed on to the floor, diverted her attention. It read, "It was left to one Purandara Dasa (A.D. circa 1483-1564), a mendicant and a versatile composer, to lend an individuality to the music of the South with his compositions and interpretations of raga-s." Sargam stopped reading. A bright smile lit her face. She had found something!

 "Amma..." Sargam tiptoed into the kitchen and whispered to her mother.

"What is the matter Sargam?" asked Amma in a hushed voice, maintaining the suspense to match her daughter's 'detective' mood.