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Sri Tyagaraja - a new creation

‘Sri Tyagaraja’, a Carnatic raga created by Bengaluru based music composer, Mahesh Mahadev was released at the 176th Tyagaraja Aradhana  at the sacred samadhi of Tyagaraja at Tiruvayaru in January this year. Mahesh has also composed Sree Ramachandram Bhajami, a Sanskrit composition, on Lord Rama in this new raga. Apart from composing several kritis and viruttams, Mahesh Mahadev is also a lyricist in Kannada movies. Film and classical singer Priyadarshini, has sung a soulful rendition of this composition. 


Mahesh has created Sri Tyagaraja, as a janya of the 59th melakarta Dharmavati. The raga is asymmetrical and devoid of dhaivatam. The arohanam and avarohanam are SG2M2PN3Ṡ and ṠN3PM2G2R2S respectively.


To get a detailed insight into this raga and the kriti click below


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