The Music Academy Dance Festival Dominant impressions

I asked a long-time member of the Music Academy’s dance selection committee why the same artists were featured year after year, with just a few new additions? The reply was: “When Sanjay Subrahmanyan is featured in a concert one year, would you say there is no need to feature him the next year? Dancers who have reached the top should be seen every year. What is wrong?” The answer has merit barring the fact that unlike music, dance has fewer programme slots; and going by the Academy’s policy of oftpresented star artists taking up a large part of the performance space, the waiting game may prove to be too long for some highly talented dancers who could then totally miss the bus. So also as you wonder when several dancers present the same set of items they have presented before (in a jaded manner), would the member’s response be: “Would you object if a musician who has sung a raga beautifully repeats it the next year?”