Purva and Puriya Kalyan: What’s the difference?

Purva (also called Purvya) belongs to a cluster of ragas bearing a family resemblance to raga Puriya in terms of swara material, and phraseology, melodic center of gravity, and therefore aural impression. 

Swara material

Puriya: S r G M^ D N

Puriya-Dhanashree: S r G M^ P d N

Poorvi: S r G M M^ P d N

Puriya-Kalyan/Purva: S r G M^ P D N 

What is common to all of them is komal (flat) Re, shuddha (natural) G, tivra (sharp) Ma, and shuddha (natural) Ni.

At the commencement of a concert at Los Angeles CA in 1991, Ustad Vilayat Khan introduced Purva with its ascent and descent.