Dance Is A Many-Splendoured Thing But…

Dance means different things to different people. A livelihood to most teachers and a few lucky dancers. A temporary pastime for some till the bridegroom arrives and puts a stop to it. For a tribe of people, let's call them entrepreneurs for lack of a more civilized term, it is a source of receivable, if not receipted, income. Tailors to tinkerers with light and sound, make-up men to jewelers of a special kind, also get their peripheral sustenance from dance.

Only for a select few, balletomanes to use an elitist term, it is a way of life. It includes dedicated dance teachers to whom the well-being of the art and their students is of paramount importance; dancers who can't do without it, whether they are, or are not, encumbered by spouses, families; and others, maybe retired dancers, or dance mothers whose wards have taken flight into matrimony and parenthood; or long-time spectators whose interest has ripened until dance is something they can’t  do without .