Haobam Atomba Singh

Guru Haobam Atomba Singh, a foremost exponent of the Manipuri style of dancing. Born in a family of dancers and dance teachers Shri Atomba Singh took to dancing at an early age. He had his training under all the great and eminent Gurus of Manipuri dancing and music, and is a repository of the time-honoured tradition of Ras dancing.

He was selected by his Guru Jhoolan Singh to assist him in training dancers of a troupe which the late Maharaja ShriChura Chand Singh sent to Calcutta on the occasion of the visit ofthe Prince of Wales. As a teacher and leading member of the troupe Guru Atomba Singh toured various parts of Bengaland Assam. Gurudev Tagore invited him to Shanti Niketan where he taught dancing for about three years. Later he taught dancing at various institutions in Calcutta, Shillong and other places. Guru Atomba Singh taught at the Central College of Dance, Manipur.