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Star Syndrome
Issue : 137
Published on : February, 1996


Madras Season Reports

News & Notes

A six-day Natyotsava organised by the central Sangeet Natak Akademi in Hyderabad with the collaboration of the Department of Culture, showcased the rich dance traditions of Andhra Pradesh, especially Kuchipudi. The festival, inaugurated on 16 December, took off in a graceful style with a Bhamakalapam presentation by veteran Vedantam Satyanarayana Sarma, who has gained international fame for his portrayal of Satyabhama. Satyanarayana's fund of experience in acting this female role was also brought out in his two demonstrations presented during the morning sessions, the evening sessions being confined to performances of allied dance-forms of Andhra Pradesh by numerous groups.

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Main Feature

Madras Music Season - 1996

Scores, possibly hundreds, of men and women take up temporary residence in the city, including several Indians who live abroad and a sprinkling of foreigners as well. Their interest is not in going to the magnificent temples of worship, or in strolling along the famous Marina or in shopping for superb silks. They have come to get drenched by the storm of music and dance that rages through the city. For them, more is better: likely, they are only too happy as the festival of festivals grows bigger and bigger. Probably, they could never even dream of so many programmes being conducted in so short a period at the places they come from.

There are those who attend programmes at a single place but many of the visitors can be seen flitting from venue to venue, as the sun travels from east to west and then disappears into the night.

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RTP - Analysis

In tana, whose dominant feature is madhyama kala or medium tempo, the musician can bring out the various facets of the raga by singing phrases made up of tisra, chaturasra and other apposite patterns. In niraval or sahitya prastara, the theme of the pallavi which is set to a particular tala, is sung again and again with fresh music each time. In kalpana swara, which has to be sung for the theme taken up, the musician presents the raga through solfa syllables by singing swara combinations of variegated patterns.

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