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Debate - Instruments are key to gamaka (Reproduced from Sruti 314)
Point of View - On violin accompaniment (Reproduced from Sruti 275)
Essay - Sangeeta and sahitya - No one right answer (Reproduced from Sruti 331)
Bull's Eye - From Recital to Concert - The Implications (Reproduced from Sruti 7)
Book Shelf - Musicscape of Kerala (Reproduced from Sruti 271)
Rear Window - Tallapaka poetry, TTD and the things that need to be done (Reproduced from Sruti 274)
Debate - Where words fail, music speaks (Reproduced from Sruti 305)
Point of View - Goodbye Kalyani, Hello Kokilapriya (Reproduced from Sruti 272)
Essay - Is there a contract between singer and rasika (Reproduced from Sruti 329)
Striking new notes or making new music
Book Shelf - Enchanting Echoes through the Corridors of a Golden Age (Reproduced from Sruti 270)
Bull's Eye - Musicians and Critics by N. Pattabhi Raman (Reproduced from Sruti 3)
Rear Window - Music Therapy— Loose Ends Galore (Reproduced from Sruti 268)
Bull's Eye - Hindsight by N. Pattabhi Raman (Reproduced from Sruti 2)
Bookshelf - Contemporary Indian Dance
End of a an unusual life
Gamaka and all that jazz
Svanubhava 2011 By the young for the young
A lesson to remember
When did Tamil theatre start
IDA’s Natya Samyoga – dancers come together
Exemplary jugalbandi
Vyjayantimala’s ‘Abhinayam – Anubhavam’
Anatomy of a Retrospective
Transmitting a musical sampradaya
Jayanthi Kumaresh launches national orchestra
Rakti in raga and laya
A garland of pallavi-s in his memory
An idol among TV shows
Rasamanjari of Bhanudatta - Bookshelf
The Teacher and the Taught Muthuswami Pillai and his disciples
Record Rack
Generation Next
I started Nadamrta because of my deep belief in tradition
Jayadeva - Stamps
Versatility is his middle name
S.A. Ramaswamy memorial concert at San Diego
A triumph of planning and teamwork
Radel festival showcases digital veena
Season potpourri
Nalanda’s national seminar a grand success
Blessed by music
The Bhimsen gharana
Chennai Season - Inundation of Dance
A glimpse into Kathak training - Season Special
Mumbai Discoveries - Season Special
Loud neighbours at sabhas - Season Special
Sruti Pattabhi Raman Memorial Concerts 2 - Season Special
Subhiksha’s Season sketches - Season Special
Flavours and fragrances - Season Special
One season - many objectives - Season Special
Lec-dem mela a resounding success - Season Special
Sruti Pattabhi Raman Memorial Concerts - Season Special
Unforgettable Todi by Sanjay - Season Special
“Lively interaction at Vijay Siva lec-dem” - Season Special
Will be remembered long after it is heard no more - Season Special
Team spirit much in evidence - Season Special
Plenty to see, hear, taste and applaud! - Season Special
Nagaswaram music - an endangered species - Season Special
Nisha is more than SAFE! (With apologies to Saregamapa!) - Season Special
OS Thyagarajan at his effortless best - Season Special
Invocation – an imposition - Season Special
Unique Homage at Bharatiar Illam - Season Special
Lakshmi Rangarajan in great form - Season Special
Some do’s and dont’s - Season Special
Premiere of a new VVV trio - Season Special
Two zestful concerts - Season Special
Come rain or storm - Season Special
Sore throat troubles Pantula Rama - Season Special
Master class by Vedavalli - Season Special
48th Guru pooja of Palani Subramania Pillai
Homage to vainika Mangalam Muthuswamy
Natya gurukulam a learning experience
Rasikalaya music appreciation portal in the UK
Remembering Guru Kelucharan Mohapatra
GNB centenary festival in the UK
Use of Western instruments in Carnatic music
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